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Hi all, I'm a professional contractor by way of being an Air Force Dirtboy in other words a Pavements and Construction Engineer. So I've had my hand in all kinds of building works - almost always have to help the Vertical Construction shop out hahaha Anyhow, though I'm called an engineer I'm a tradesman through and through. So now down to the nitty gritty - my question. My wife and I want to bumpout an exterior wall in the garage. 3 foot wide by 8 foot in length - enough to make a cubby hole for the washer and dryer basically. So this will be on a concrete slab, I will extend the slab 6 deep with 120 PSI concrete to match original slab. Shouldn't need any load transfer dowels or keyways by my figures. Speaking of figures - my wife is an Engineering Assistant also with the Air Force, she draws stuff in AutoCad and gets it signed off by actual Engineers - so before I actually do any of the stuff I'm talking about all the figures will be analyzed by an actual engineer so no worries there. What I don't know is how big of a header and how many jack studs I will need to punch an 8' hole in the wall. Now I've heard and read about the 1 inch for every 1 foot rule but - Isn't that rule for a load bearing wall though ? Will the new outside wall load not now be the new load bearing point ? If the new outside wall is now the load bearing point, then could I just use a 2 by 4 header in the 8 foot opening ? Also what would be the proper way to extend the rafters ? In other words If I was just going to sister on to the existing rafter how much length would need to overlap to be proper ? Lastly this is a single story home, no basement, no snow load that I can foresee in sunny Florida asphalt shingle roof, roof rafter on 20 inch centers. Thanks for taking the time to read and/or respond to this I appreciate any help getting me in the right direction.
Category: General Contractor Post By: TERRENCE GARNER (Redwood City, CA), 03/18/2018

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